Some of the research Dennis Collins has done in the past includes the law review or seminar papers found here:

Powers of Attorneys and Advance Directives–-Some Pitfalls, Prats and Problems.

Lord Acton, Letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton (April 5, 1887) "Let every eye negotiate for itself, And trust no agent." Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing (1598-1599) I. What are they? "A power of attorney is [...]

Thanks But No Thanks’. Renunciations and Disclaimers in Nebraska Estate Planning

To bed,to bed,Says Sleepyhead? Let's tarry a while, says Slow. Put on the pot, Says Greedygut, We'll sup before we go. Nursery Rhyme (1784) In today's world of greed, it's unusual to find somebody who [...]

Trusts & Divorce–-An Unlikely Marriage?

Felix: Oh, I’m awfully sorry. (Sighs.) It’s a terrible thing, isn’t it? Divorce? Gwendolen: It can be . . . if you haven’t got the right solicitor. Neil Simon, The Odd Couple (1966) Should an [...]

Avoiding a Will Contest–The Impossible Dream?

"Let's talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs? Make dust our paper, and with rainy eyes Write sorrow on the bosom of the earth? Let's choose executors and talk of wills." Shakespeare, Richard II III, [...]

Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell? The Nebraska Trustee’s Duty to Inform and Report

"The idea of a trust is so familiar to us all that we never wonder at it. And yet surely we ought to wonder. If we were asked what was the greatest and most distinctive [...]